Show 003: Top 5 Tips for Using Flipcharts

by Robin on September 13, 2010

 Robin’s Top 5 podcast #3: Top 5 Tips for Using Flipcharts
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  • Today’s top 5 tips are for using flipcharts

Small post-its as flipchart tags

  • Robin’s favorite iPhone app (so far!) for capturing text from flipcharts is White by Quipit.
    (At $12.99 it’s pretty pricey, but it saves enough time that it’s worth it to me.)


What other tips do you have? Click on the link below to leave a comment.

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Rick Zaporowski September 20, 2010 at 8:01 pm

Thanks for the tips! Here’s a tip I’d like to share: Put thought into where flipchart pages are posted, so that during the course of a training session, they can be left on the wall as a visual cue and for later reference. I facilitate a four-day leadership course, during which pages are used for several different activities. As I thread previous conversations into a new topic, I find that being able to point to yesterday’s chart helps people quickly relate to something that they might have otherwise forgotten about. Also, I resist the urge to clean up the walls at the end of the day by moving pages to one wall, the back of the room or wherever. It seems that preserving the original location of the pages helps trigger people’s recollection.


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