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5. Determine why you get distracted…and then figure out what to do about it!

4. Change venues.

3. Use your calendar and a timer.

2. Block the internet and communication with the outside world.

1. Use distraction-free writing tools.


Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  • Pomodoro Technique Wikipedia definition, Pomodoro website
  • Focus Booster desktop or web-based timer (uses Pomodoro Technique timings or adjust it for your own times). This is the one I use, but there are many online timers available.
  • Block all internet access for a specified amount of time with the Freedom application (free download, $10 to purchase)
  • To block specific websites for specified amounts of time use Self-Control for the Macintosh or Focal Filter for the PC.
  • Tools for a distraction-free online writing environment:
    • Notepad++ (PC)
    • Writer (web-based),
    • JDarkRoom  (Mac)
    • WriteRoom  (Mac and iOS devices)
    •  q10 (PC)
    • OmmWriter (PC, Mac, iPad. Download Mac and iPad versions through the respective app stores).  This is my favorite distraction-free writing tool.
      Correction from the podcast: OmmWriter is NOT free, but it is very moderately priced.  Definitely worth it for me.


What other tips do you have on distraction-free writing? Leave your tips and comments!


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