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5.  Have a pre-meeting with your co-facilitator.

4.  Stay present and focused while the other co-facilitator is “on”.

3.  Demonstrate the behaviors and language of co-facilitation.

2.  Communicate with each other during the co-facilitation.

1.  Give—and get—feedback from each other.


What other tips do you have on co-facilitation? Leave your tips and comments!


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Show 003: Top 5 Tips for Using Flipcharts

by Robin on September 13, 2010

 Robin’s Top 5 podcast #3: Top 5 Tips for Using Flipcharts
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  • Today’s top 5 tips are for using flipcharts

Small post-its as flipchart tags

  • Robin’s favorite iPhone app (so far!) for capturing text from flipcharts is White by Quipit.
    (At $12.99 it’s pretty pricey, but it saves enough time that it’s worth it to me.)


What other tips do you have? Click on the link below to leave a comment.

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